Engine Assembly Line

It is Automatic line with all assembling facilities; like pneumatic Tools, jigs, Fixtures with latest Engine Test Bench and Speed Control Systems.

Paint Shop

This shop is process shop with Automatic Line and Temperature Control system. It consists of the latest technology of motorcycle parts pretreatment and painting facility. It consists on three spray booth and three baking oven.

Shocks Assembly Line

This department consists of the Shock Absorbers Assembling Line with all facilities; like pneumatic Tools, jigs and Fixtures. Oil filing facility and testing facility.

CNC Machine Section

This is highly Precision section. It consists of CNC Machining of Engine Crank Case and Engine Crank Case Covers. It also have the Machining facility of the Hubs, Panels and other Aluminium parts.

Main Assembly Lines+Test Benches

Motorcycle Assembly Line, it is the latest automatic Line with all facilities of the Assembly Like Pneumatic Tools, jigs, Fixtures and speed control system. This section also have latest motorcycle and 3-Wheeler Rickshaw Assembly & Testing line.