I am thankful to Almighty Allah who bestowed upon us and gives a superb position in a very short span of time.
I also pay a tribute to all persons who are affiliated with our company in one-way or the other for it is by virtue of  their untiring labor that our company is enjoying such a marvelous position in the market.


We take pride in saying that Almighty Allah has enabled us to  contribute our share in the economic development of our beloved country (Pakistan) by introducing durable economical Motorcycles and Rickshaws. Our products bear a beautiful combination of  technology, saving and quality. We therefore, try our best to transfer to clients not a vehicle but a real worth. We have the aim to provide durable vehicles affordable by our people to solve their transportation problem. With this view we try to control price of our Motorcycle and Rickshaws at the cost of the company rather than buyer , United Motorcycles and Rickshaws are assembled in accordance with the international standard as approved by Pakistan standard and Quality control Authority (PSQCA).

We have a comprehensive network of sales, service and spare parts through out the country to provide the best services to our value customers without any delay. I pray that may Allah bless our company and all the persons relating to it with prosperity and  progress.


Sana Ullah Chaudhary (Managing Director)